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The future day, Kantmiss and Peter attack Marco, just Snowballs orders Seleca to ship atomic number 49 the Expendables. An armed Dale arrives, kills them, and asks Kantmiss to come back off with him. When Kantmiss orders him to leave, He breaks upward with her. Marco holds Peter surety, but Kantmiss shoots A loaf of staff of life into his eye, killing him games free poker online. Seleca so announces there put up only when be 1 winner again. Peter tries credible Kantmiss to commit suicide with him by ingesting poisonous berries, to deny those in charge the gratification of them scrap to the death. Instead, Kantmiss kills Peter with AN arrow, singing him “shit ain’t personal”. Afterwards, Nick Fury and the Avengers usher upwards, with Fury saying helium wants Kantmiss to join the Avengers team atomic number 3 a surrogate for Hawkeye. Then the Avengers altogether die after stepping off their platforms and onto mines.

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